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Embedded Systems
Embedded Systems are computing systems designed for a particular application and embedded in a technical context, e.g. mobile phones, smart cards, vehicular electronics, consumer electronics devices, etc. The growing interest in the systematic design of such systems is inspired by the increase in  variety and complexity of the applications.
Embedded Technology is now in its earliest, and the wealth of information accessible is mindblowing. UCERD believe that it is important to work in architecture, methodology, and applications in order to conduct cutting-edge research in embedded systems.

UCERD used image & video processing as a prime application area for  embedded systems research. Video processing requires very high computation rates and large amounts of memory; video systems are often cost-sensitive. Because video systems are built as systems-on-chips, they make a good arena for investigating both architectures and methodologies for embedded systems. UCERD is also looking into radio and communications as a fertile application area for embedded computing. Here at UCERD, we are working on two types of architecture the Embedded Accelerator  and System on Chip. Embedded Accelerator architecture  is application-specific architectures for video that used embedded accelerator.

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